Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's TAPAS, not topless.

One day last year, K and I got the itch to make a tapas feast. And for no better reason than us being determined and bored, we ended up putting together an amazing spread of shrimp, tortilla, goat cheese rolled grapes...and that's just what I remember, so I'm sure there was more...mushrooms? It was amazing, seriously. We may have eaten a huge portion of it all by ourselves, which you would not find so fatkid had you tasted it. So not surprisingly, I think about it sometimes when I'm brainstorming dinner ideas.

Finally gave in on Monday, so the hubby had quite the surprise when he got home. I wanted tortilla, but it's not the most practical for a weeknight (i know, like any of this is...whatever). So instead, I went with spicy shrimp and asparagus and totally went crazy with the appetizers--marinated olives and mushrooms, chunks of manchego cheese, and I made spiced almonds by tossing roasted marcona almonds with a tiny drizzle of olive oil and about a tsp each of cumin, salt, and smoked paprika. (which are somehow still around 2 days later...they're so addictive).

Man, I love this serving dish. Makes serving toppings and appetizers look so purdy. The almonds, by the way, were the only things left standing in the wake of our destruction. (I'm so not upset about eating a lot of shrimp and asparagus. Cheese and olives, on the other hand...)

Drink with Sangria. In case there was any question...

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