Monday, March 8, 2010

Make your parents dinner. You owe them.

I definitely can't complain about the parents came to visit, so we spent most of Saturday with them, and then Sunday was spent running errands, cleaning the patio furniture, and then soaking up the insanely gorgeous weather and doing my favorite thing-absolutely nothing.

Having the 'rents here is always entertaining. Especially when I split a bottle of wine with my ma and we get all giggly and do things like yoga poses in the living room while the men roll their eyes at each other. They so married us for a reason. Anyway, my mom has been hinting around that I need to cook for her (and by hinting, I mean leaving me facebook messages that say 'move home and cook for me'), so I had to do some brainstorming and think of something fancy-schmancy to serve while they were here.

When I'm thinking deceptively easy and impressive, stuffed chicken is always a good call. And since I had some herbed goat cheese to kill and a couple extra shallots laying around, I went with it.

Kept it simple-caramelized the shallots and mixed them with the cheese, stuffed it in the chicken, and sprinkled everything with fresh thyme, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Browned each side, poured in a bit of chicken broth, covered, and simmered it about 8 minutes a side. Served it with Caesar salad and herbed basmati rice, and voila.
My dad wasn't a huge fan of the rice (so I gather, anyway, he didn't eat all of his), but I really like it as a side. I follow the recipe I linked above pretty much exactly (more thyme, salt, and basil), so I won't bother reposting, but I recommend trying it with chicken or pork.

And they both thanked me, like, a million times (You're welcome!!), cause they know it was made solely out of love and not at all out of owing them 18...26...ish...years of supporting me financially, so I know they liked it-or at the very least, appreciated the effort.

Anytime, guys. XO.

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