Monday, March 15, 2010

The saga continues...

You may remember my tirade against Fresh & Easy a while back...I thought I was over it. Apparently not.

I'd gotten over the fact that they're owned by the European monopolizer Tesco, and realized that I don't have to let picketers scare me away (I'm such a baby). I even had a pleasant-albeit ultimately unhelpful-email conversation with a F&E rep after she read my complaints. (I say unhelpful because I got the distinct feeling I was receiving canned answers.) So I've still been shopping there now and then, when I want tomato-basil soup for lunch (the BEST!) or need something equally quick for dinner.

This, however, may end. The number one thing they had going for them was their gluten-free selection. Especially the Betty Crocker mixes-brownies, cookies, and cake. Do I make cookies, brownies or cake?, every six months. Maybe. But the point is that it's there when I need it.

Like last week, when the hubby wanted off we go, down the baking aisle, and are greeted by nothing. A long, empty row of nothing. Totally, utterly out of gluten-free brownies, cookies and cake. Dude. So we took our chances and asked an employee to look in the back for us. She was very, very nice, and sympathetically told me they were out and assured me they would be getting a shipment the next day.

Which brings us to today. Yes, the section was stocked. With everything Betty Crocker could possibly make-except, you guessed it, anything gluten free. And not only that...the tags showing where they should go were gone. Which means...uh, oh, Fresh & Easy. Uh. Oh.

At least your french fries and chicken are good...I guess that's something.

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