Thursday, March 18, 2010

We are so moving back to the beach.

Last night the hubby rather impatiently pointed out that I have yet to write about our excursion last weekend...which tells me he wants to relive it already. And since this trip was more booze based than food based, being hungover from St. Paddy's Day seems the appropriate time to here we go.

During our Snoop-guided drive over, we stopped in Avila Beach at the recommendation of my hair colorist—she promised the seafood at the restaurant at the end of the pier was worth the detour. As we walked to the end of the pier, however, we weren't quite sure what we'd gotten ourselves into...the "restaurant" was disturbingly reminiscent of a huge metal shack. So we looked at each other, got over it, and walked inside.

Nothing spectacular about the inside of the Olde Port's the views that matter, and the fact that their tables are basically glass tubes that let you look down into the water below you. Very cool. So after we awwwed about the family of sea otters playing right in front of us, and oooohed about the specials (100% crab meat crab cakes), we sat back and realized vacation had begun.

And what a way to start. The crab cakes were, as was the mixed seafood grill and the crab and shrimp salad (the bill was not...must begin asking how much specials are instead of immediately ordering out of excitement). We will totally go back there. When we're rich.

Once we checked into the hotel a little later, we somehow came to the conclusion that the best way to hang out in downtown SLO is by one overpriced cab ride later, the impromptu pub crawl like 2pm.

Pammy H. Pub Crawl Rules:
Must sit at bar.
Must order one drink, but no more than three.
Water is mandatory after two drinks.
Each bar must somehow be documented.

Let me tell you...the hubby and I are troopers. As the night, err, day, progressed, my handwriting got more and more illegible, so here's where I think we went:
Black Sheep Bar & Grill
Bull's Tavern
Downtown Brewing Company (where we convinced the bartender to sell us an empty growler as a souvenir)
Frog & Peach
One World Wines (cause why wouldn't we go wine tasting after 4 bars? Hello, the South American wines came with empanadas.)
Buffalo Bar & Grill
China Buffet (because after 6 bars at 8pm, there was no point in going somewhere good. We did not sit at the bar. But we did have a beer.)
And all was finished off at the hotel bar. Ask nicely and one day I'll show you the flip videos from that stop. The poor bartender didn't know what hit her.

Somehow we managed to get up in the morning (with some help from the Hangover Gods-Bud Light Cheladas are magical), and headed back to Big Sky restaurant for a late breakfast. I was dying to try their pozole, which was gorgeous (the poached egg weirded me out cause I don't really do yolk, but it looked pretty) and deliciously spicy.

After walking around downtown and the San Luis Obispo Mission, we finished our trip in Pismo Beach. We hit up Brad's restaurant for clam chowder...and as we know, I can't pass up shrimp cocktail, so we killed one of those, too. After a long walk on the beach (which ended up with us getting trapped in the RV camping ground...don't ask), our happy tummies and sandy feet reluctantly headed home.

Sigh. Til next time...